The keys to preparing vibrant worship unlock the powerful moments of mystery and meaning, our heritage and life in Christ. When the community gathers for worship, each of us needs to take our rightful place and role. Keys to Vibrant Worship is an event for all liturgical ministers or can be directed to individual ministries – musicians, choirs, ensembles, lectors, hospitality ministers, sacristans, art and environment, liturgical commissions, etc.


The 50th anniversary of The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (December, 2013) provides an unique opportunity to reflect on the celebration of liturgy in the local community.  What practices are going well and need to be sustained?  What should be addressed?  What are the issues each ministry needs to reflect upon as the community develops its awareness of full, conscious, and active participation? 



The Five Loaves ™     2012                                                                                                            

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Liturgical Ministers Retreat and Workshop



Keys to Vibrant Worship combines presentation, prayer, and sharing to focus on essential principles of liturgy, assess the status of current parish praxis, and develop plans for addressing any concerns.  Keys to Vibrant Worship provides an opportunity for liturgical leaders, commissions, music groups, and specific ministries to reflect on central themes and to plan strategically for the future.


Keys to Vibrant Worship is offered as a full day retreat, or as a conference day(s) with opportunities for break out and sharing in ministry groups.  Several parishes may collaboratively offer the program for training and formation.



  • Liturgical ministers will acquire perspective and context to assess their role in liturgical celebrations;
  • Liturgical ministers will have an opportunity to grow spiritually, and to share their faith life with fellow pilgrims
  • Pastors and liturgical leaders will provide a "time apart" for these ministers to reflect on their liturgical roles and responsibilities.