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Teach Me Your Ways

How have you heard the call of the Lord recently in
your life as a disciple? How did
you respond? In this week’s Gospel, John the Baptis
t “stares hard” at Jesus, and then
knowingly declares to two of his disciples, “There
is the Lamb of God!” Peter’s
brother, Andrew, was one of
he two disciples and t
he next day takes him to Jesus
who “looks hard” at Simon and says, “You are to be
called ‘Cephas’ – meaning Rock.”
When we hear God’s call do we, like Samuel, respond
, “Speak, Lord, your servant is
listening.” Steve Angrisano’s ,
Here Am
song I, d,
offers reflection.


The people were astonished at Jesus’ teaching, for he taught them with authority, and not as the scribes who were always arguing the details of the law.


Who has been a trusted teacher or mentor in your life?  That person is likely someone whose actions spoke more directly than their words – their personal example became wisdom.


We know that the early Christian community grew in part as they sought to follow the apostles’ teaching. What are the regular ways you seek wisdom, perspective and guidance?  In addition to the scriptures and spiritual writers, let’s honor those family members, teachers and loved ones who have helped us stay on the path of discipleship.