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Journey Home


“A prophet is not without honor, except in his native place.”


In this week’s Gospel, Jesus returns to his hometown. When he begins to teach in the synagogue, many are astonished and some take offense – still remembering him as a young man. They haven’t experienced the teacher and healer he has become. Consequently, Jesus isn’t able to accomplish much for their lack of faith.


All of us face situations where we are bound by people’s perception of us. Bernadette Farrell’s prayerful song, “O God, You Search Me,” offers an important reminder of the One who knows us truly and completely.

Good Shepherd.
The Five Spiritual Practices of the early community
of believers included “devoting
themselves to the apostles’ teaching.” (Acts 2:42)
What are the regular ways you
listen for the voice of the Good Shepherd – to disce
rn your path as a disciple?