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Second Sunday of Advent

Be vigilan
t at all tim
es and pr
ay that yo u have the strength
to e
pe the tribulations that are imminent.
Luke 21:36
Be vigilant and pray
. That is Jesus
message to us as we begin the Advent season.
There are so many things in our culture that compete for our attention, especial
ly in
these difficult times. They can cloud our vision and make us spiritually dro
Mike Carotta
suggests that o
Advent rituals and spiritual practices help us to
remember, in faith, that God
with us


“Every valley shall be filled  and every mountain 

and hill shall be made low.”  -- Luke 3:5


What does it mean to follow the words of Isaiah to “Fill every valley and bring mountains low?” We tend to think in symbolic terms during this Advent season.


Our guest presenter, Fr. Richard Berg, CSC, recalls an inspirational story of how one woman simply lived that prophetic message for the community at the Downtown Chapel here in Portland, Oregon. It’s a good reminder that our prayer and preparation rituals need to lead us to Christian action.