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Time to be Transformed


Leave behind the distractions you face, for an hour, a day, or a weekend - long enough to experience inner change,

the ongoing conversion of our hearts that is critical to deepening our faith.

Scheduled Events




Couples Retreat:

Sacred Path - Two by Two


November 15-17, 2024 - Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center


Our retreat focuses on the Sacrament of Marriage, and how God uses that bond to bless our life, family, community and world.  Together we'll engage in prayer, music, storytelling, and personal time to remember what brought you together, and the gifts that have come forth from your togetherness. email Tom Tomaszek to book or for more information.


Events for Your Parish





Sacred Path - Seasons of the Heart


Sacred Path, Seasons of the Heart, is a retreat for pastoral ministers - catechetical, liturgical, faculty or parish staff. Offered as a one-day or longer design to fit your local need, Sacred Path is time to pray, reflect, and renew the call to ministry. Our Sacred Path leads us ever deeper into relationship with God.

Each of us is on a Sacred Path: called into being by God’s love; blessed with a unique set of talents and abilities, with friends, family and purpose; broken in human weakness only God can redeem; yet given for others as we seek to return love in life and ministry.  

Email Tom Tomaszek for more information.

Be Opened to Christ!

A Three Evening Parish Retreat


OPEN MY EYES - Jesus opened the eyes of the blind. What do we need to pay attention to in order to see Christ with us in this moment, in every joy and sorrow, and in everyone we meet?


OPEN MY EARS - Jesus opened the ears of the deaf. How do we hear the voice of God?  How can we discern it from all the other sounds of our busy life?  What distractions keep us from hearing God's voice clearly?


OPEN MY HEART - Jesus touched the hearts of his disciples and called them to the law of love.  Are we open to where the Holy Spirit is leading us?  Feel the tug to your heart, and be opened to Christ!


For more information or to book an event, email Tom Tomaszek at



The Five Loaves 2024 - West Linn, Oregon






The Five Loaves 

Miracles happen when we share with others the gifts we have in abundance.