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September 19-25, 2016 

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Find us ready, Lord, not standing still. 
Find us working and loving and doing your will. 


This week's Gospel challenges our complacency as we hear of the beggar Lazarus. 

Sometimes we must admit our sins of "omission" - how we fail to live our faith, knowing God's mercy and love forgives us but challenges us to find the ways we can make the world a better place. Tom Booth's, Find Us Ready, offers a moment of prayer - first, to ask forgiveness for what we have failed to do, but also to seek the strength to be more loving disciples of Christ. 

t even talk about email! We
anxious and
worried about many things and yet, do we take time for the things most important?
Do we take time for the Lord? Our guest presenter,
Lisa Metz
reflects on how she
balances her
as a mom with young children
Thanks, Lisa, and thanks to
for another inspiring song.

heavenly wind and tongues of fire, God pours out the Holy Spirit upon all
who put
their faith in Jesus the Christ and become his disciples.