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August 22-28, 2016 - 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


"For all who exalt themselves will be humbled,

and all who humble themselves will be exalted."

Luke 14:11


Humility is a challenging virtue to teach, especially in a social-mediated culture that allows us to present our perfectly edited selves to the world.  Jesus uses a parable to teach his disciples that embracing an attitude of humility opens us to the needs of our brothers and sisters.


Blessed Teresa of Calcutta lived such humility - focused on the poor, the crippled, and especially children in need.  Her life is an example of how God lifts up those who humbly serve others.

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anxious and
worried about many things and yet, do we take time for the things most important?
Do we take time for the Lord? Our guest presenter,
Lisa Metz
reflects on how she
balances her
as a mom with young children
Thanks, Lisa, and thanks to
for another inspiring song.

heavenly wind and tongues of fire, God pours out the Holy Spirit upon all
who put
their faith in Jesus the Christ and become his disciples.