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In The Silence


“T“This people honors me with their lips,

but their hearts are far from me.

Isaiah 29:13 


In Mark’s Gospel this week, Jesus responds to the Pharisees’ challenge of his disciples by reminding them about the spirit of the law. It’s a strong teaching for us today as we wrestle with differences between human laws and God’s law.


Monique Jacobs shares a summer vacation story that illustrates the need for inclusion and tolerance. We reflect with Sarah Kroger’s prayerful song, “In the Silence.”



h one of us:

will you also leave?
Can we respond in word and action with
Peter’s profession of faith:
We believe that you are the Holy One of God!”
Pedro Rubalcava
reflects on this final passage of Jesus’ Bread of
Life discourse and
shares a wonderful bilingual song
“Lord To Whom Shall We Go? ¿A Quien Iremos?”

Good Shepherd.
The Five Spiritual Practices
of the early community
of believers included “devoting
themselves to the apostles’ teaching.” (Acts 2:42)
What are the regular ways you
listen for the voice of the Good Shepherd – to disce
rn your path as a disciple?