• Engage your parish where they spend their time - online.
  • Rebuild your website for what matters to your visitors.
  • Maximize social media to connect, inform and motivate parishioners.



Emerging Media and the Gospel will help your parish navigate the world of digital media.  We provide the process, tools and resources to build a team that will make a difference in your community.


Emerging Media and the Gospel will help your parish team establish a pastoral presence online - an integrated approach to website, social media, parish ministries, and outreach.  Our three-phase program includes onsite workshops plus web conferences designed to:




Emerging Media and the Gospel is particularly effective when your team experiences the process with other parishes in your vicinity or diocese.


Sharing good ideas, best practices and valuable resources can be a great way to energize the development process, provide mutual support and reduce costs.


A typical program scenario is scheduled over several months in your area.   


  • Discern what matters about your parish and why it is critical to communicate that online as well as in print;
  • Understand the value and use of digital media in ministry;
  • Integrate your pastoral presence online with all parish ministries;
  • Provide you with clear guidelines, best practice examples, and experienced coaches to help you communicate through social media, and develop an engaging parish website