Emerging Media and the Gospel Initiative Develops:  


FOCUS:  Define a renewed awareness of what matters about your parish


TEAMWORK:  Create a blueprint for building the right team to harness emerging media for discipleship


STRATEGY:  Specify communication strategies, human resources, computing tools and technology partners for an integrated approach

WEBSITEAccess resources to develop or improve your website and pastoral presence online


SOCIAL MEDIA:  Establish clear guidelines, learn best practices, work with coaches to help you communicate through social media

Intended for the pastor and other key leaders, this half-day or evening session covers:



   "Most parish websites are built backwards. They are focused on ministries instead of the people those ministries hope to serve."

                     - EMG Manual #4

   "An effective online presence is not only a means of communication, but an invitation to discipleship."

                     - EMG Manual #7

  • Fundamental Principles of a Gospel-focused Approach to Emerging Media
  • Overview of Program Timeline and Essential Steps
  • Costs, Commitments, and Constructing your team

Your EMG Team attends this full day onsite session (or with a group of parishes) to: 


  • Learn fundamental principles of a Gospel-focused approach to emerging media;
  • Evaluate existing local efforts, resources, technologies and personnel;
  • Develop an internal timeline and communication strategy;
  • Plan for change; establish mileposts and set goals

Video Conference One – tracks progress and offers direct assistance to individual parish teams to maintain timeline, analysis, resource links, and site-mapping


Video Conference Two – offers coaching on critical questions, concerns, roadblocks, and next steps

Your EMG Team attends this half-day onsite session (or with a group of parishes) to:

  • Integrate social media into your pastoral ministry plan;
  • Learn best practices for effective social media communication;
  • Develop a strategy, timeline and mileposts for implementation.

Video Conference Three – reviews progress, provides feedback, and offers resources for further growth and development.