Everyday life sometimes overwhelms our mind and soul - God can seem at a distance. Our search for meaning gets lost in the shuffle of commuting, work, school, church or family responsibilities. We seem unable to break through to a place of inner peace and meaning. We do have faith that God is with us, but long for the opportunities to revitalize our spirituality and reflect on our experience of Holy Mystery.





The Five Loaves ™     2012                                                                                                            

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Searching for the Holy in Daily Life





Abundant Blessing is an interactive session of two or more hours that involves prayer, presentation, music, and sharing. Through Abundant Blessing participants experience the five spiritual practices that formed the early Christian community of disciples as a way to enrich their faith life, both individually and as members of community.


Abundant Blessing can be scheduled for a general audience or directed to the spiritual issues and experiences of a particular age group – teens, young adults, married couples, older adults, or “seniors.” Retreat-like in its intent, Abundant Blessing provides a respite for spiritual renewal and an opportunity to encounter others interested in discussing their experience of God in everyday life. 



  • Adults or specific age/interest groups will acquire tools, perspective and context to make meaning of their experience of God in everyday life, to grow spiritually, and to share their faith life with fellow pilgrims;
  • Pastors and pastoral leaders will provide a “time apart” for these participants and learn practical methods for “feeding the multitudes” in new and creative ways.