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Understanding the Fullness of the Sacraments






Signed, Sealed and Sent is an RCIA retreat focusing on our call to holiness and discipleship in Christ through the Sacraments. 


Signed in Baptism, sealed with the Holy Spirit, nourished by the Eucharist, we are sent to live the Gospel in our daily lives. 


Tom and Kimi Tomaszek facilitate the retreat, drawing from scripture, their life stories, and Tom’s theological training and forty years of ministerial experience. As a Catholic married couple and now partners in ministry, they offer an engaging, practical, inspiring witness of faith in action.


Signed, Sealed and Sent can be offered as a full day, or multiple day retreat, on its own or in combination with other events.


Call Tom Tomaszek at 503.699.7170, or email

to learn how Signed, Sealed and Sent can be integrated into your RCIA planning.






For RCIA Candidates and Leaders