Sacred Path is a retreat for pastoral ministers - catechetical, liturgical, faculty or parish staff. Offered as a one-day or longer design to fit your local need, Sacred Path is time to pray, reflect, and renew the call to ministry. Our Sacred Path leads us ever deeper into relationship with God. How do you pay attention to the mile markers and key passages? What are the spiritual practices that sustain you on the journey?



The Five Loaves ™     2015                                                                                                           

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Each of us is on a Sacred Path: called into being by God’s love; blessed with a unique set of talents and abilities, with friends, family and purpose; broken in human weakness only God can redeem; yet given for others as we seek to return love in life and ministry. The Sacred Path is a holy longing to return to God. Jesus, the Christ, lived this path and showed us the Way to the Father. As his disciples, we follow his footsteps, sustained by the Church’s life and sacraments, and striving to be a community of witnesses – heralds of God’s abundant mercy and love.

Sacred Path includes presentation, prayer and time for reflection on these four essential movements of God’s love - key words of our Eucharistic spirituality: Take, Bless, Break, and Give

  • Gathering: A Fresh Look at Christian Spirituality
  • Session One: Named and Called (Take)
  • Session Two: The Five Practices and Personal Vocation (Bless)
  • Session Three: Bread Must Be Broken before It Is Shared (Break)
  • Session Four: Integration and Vision for Ministry (Give)
  • Conclusion:  Eucharistic Liturgy

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SACRED PATH:  Seasons of the Heart





  • Pastoral ministers, especially those seeking new spiritual insights and resources, will acquire the tools, perspective and context for making meaning of the experience of God in everyday life.
  • Pastors and pastoral leaders will provide an opportunity for renewal, formation and sharing faith to those regularly involved in leading these experience for others.