The Five Loaves ™     2015                                                                                                            

Engaging weekly video content for your website!


Bring your website alive with fresh, scripture based, video reflecting on reflecting on next week's Gospel.


It's easy and affordable to add Between Sundays™  to your current site and to customize the content for your parish.  Reflective text and weekly video on your website for just $299 a year.




What is Between Sundays In Site™?


Place our weekly Between Sundays™ video on YOUR website.

Parishes that have added  Between Sundays™ to their websites report an increase of new visitors as well as more frequent visits by regular guests.  Each week you'll bring more attention to your activities, volunteer opportunities and ministries with a higher stream of visitors.  


Is it easy to add Between Sundays In Site™ to our website?


We provide your website manager with the necessary code to display Between Sundays™ directly on your website or FaceBook feed.  Not a link, but real video content that automatically updates each week.


Prefer to be invoiced and pay by check?

Simply email us and we will process your invoice per your instructions.