As the first disciples came to understand their shared life and living witness in Christ, they developed personal and communal activities to sustain one another. Their experience offers a model for our own spiritual growth and renewal. Like our physical health, our spirituality needs regular maintenance to sustain us through the shuffle of commuting, work, school, and family responsibilities that consume us. What are the ways you nurture your soul and reflect on life's meaning? Who are the persons with whom you “keep company” and share the things that matter?


Five practices illustrate classic, yet contemporary methods to enrich our faith life, both individually and communally. The Five Loaves offers these practices for your spiritual growth and renewal.




Offer Radical Hospitality



Seek the Teachings



Pray All Ways



Tell the Stories of Grace

and Blessing  



Give Your Gifts  











The Five Loaves ™     2012                                                                                                            




They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. - Acts 2:42

Koinonia reminds us of community, fellowship, and practice of hospitality that recognizes our connection in Christ.


Didache refers to the activity of teaching and learning, of seeking wisdom by following Christ and listening to the Holy Spirit.


Leiturgia understands the “work of the people” is our prayer and worship directed to God, but accomplished through serving others.

Kerygma calls us to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ by regularly sharing with others the amazing grace and blessing we have experienced.
Diaconia names our responsibility to make a difference in the world by using our unique set of gifts and talents for the good of all creation.

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